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Elder Campbell serves as co-founder and CEO of North Star Rites of Passage LLC, (NSROP) a Youth Development Consulting firm that provides culturally responsive workshops & training for youth and youth workers: Including African-centered Rites of Passage for youth and adults, and Strengthening the Black Family parenting classes. He is also an adjunct professor at Monroe Community College, teaching African American Studies, and The African American Family. He holds an MA in Africana studies from SUNY Albany, and a BS in Criminal Justice from RIT.

In addition to his work, Elder Campbell is a committed community servant, and participates in many efforts that support families and youth in the African American community.
He has been married to his wife Jackie for 34 years, their blended family includes 6 children and 12 grandchildren.


This is an overview of the history, experience and initiative of people of African descent throughout the world that will use a participatory format to engage participants in thought provoking discussion. This will be advanced using video, lecture, and open discussion. Participants will be introduced to the entire history of people of African descent. The class uses the historical experiences of African peoples to highlight the cultural values we share. We will examine the African peoples in Africa and the Diaspora, particularly in the United States, covering the classical African history, pre-dynastic, dynastic, the Western Sudanic Empires, the period of enslavement, reconstruction, Civil Rights, up to the election of President Barack Obama.

This course will primarily be a combination of mini-lectures and class discussions. Class discussions will be enhanced by viewing of films, television show clips, videos and documentaries. We will access technology in a variety of ways in order to enhance the learning environment.



3rd TUES of month we will offer Intro to Africana Studies for youth; ages 7 to 18.

4th TUES of month On the fourth Tuesday we will offer something related to Black Women's issues in the diaspora, the first class will discuss the works of Dorothy Roberts "Killing the Black Body" dealing with the reproductive rights of African women in the diaspora.

5th TUES of month (when applicable) will be dedicated to current political or social issues in the world impacting Africans in the diaspora. LIKE POLITICAL ELECTIONS IMPACTING AFRICANS AND OTHER PEOPLE OF COLOR.



The development of skills necessary to think critically about the history of and the issues currently impacting the life outcomes of Africans throughout the diaspora

•   Ability to identify and describe the various theoretical perspectives that have been applied to the

     understanding of African people
•   Develop an accurate understanding of the ancient Africans civilizations that populated Kemet, aka

•   Learn the contributions that Africans made to civilization, and human development and governance.
•   Understand the origin of the African spiritual principles that were the forerunner to major religious

•   Understand the origins of the Atlantic system of enslavement, White supremacy, and institutional racism
•   Examine the foundations and forms of African resistance to enslavement and colonization
•   Examine theories & practices for the liberation of Africans globally

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